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2 years ago

Clean India Mission - An Exceptional Campaign For Cleanliness

                                    Clean India Mission - An Exceptional Campaign For Cleanliness



The essence of a clean, green and sanitized environment and atmosphere is the primary need of every Nation and if the citizens and leadership of a country is well aware about that, nothing can stop a country being dirt-free, disease free and sanitized. India is one Nation that has very high ambitions for the future. With its fast growing economy and ongoing technological progress, it looks forward to become a super power in next few decades.



Cleanliness has got its own essence in terms of healthy and disease-free environment. A healthy citizens of society always build a developed and successful nation. Hence, a cleanup drive among individuals must be encouraged and enhanced, so that every person realize the importance of a Cleanliness campaign and contribute significantly for the same. Clean India is the mission for next five years, as we want to see our nation clean, green and healthy from all aspects.



Apart from the society and individuals, corporate world should also consider Clean India CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and contribute to this cause in the interest of public and Nation. The dirty water and pollution are the causes of many diseases in the country and hence, making the country dirt free and clean, we can prevent all such diseases effectively and efficiently. We have seen already that people from every class, community and category are showing great interest in the Clean India Mission and participating too in one or another cleanliness activity in their respective areas, streets and cities.